Spirit Quest 2022 - The Twilight Zone

September 30, October 1-2

a unique paranormal retreat


Weekend Pass

$150 per person

Includes all events, Friday night dinner, Saturday night pizza and a special event Sunday morning.

Friday September 30th

(6:30 PM – 10:00 PM)

Mystery Dinner

Cost $49 (Included with your weekend pass).

The weekend kicks off by stepping into realm of time, dimension and space with Twilight Zone the dinner. Enjoy delicious Chinese food as we are entertained by the Ghostest with the Mostest. Where things aren’t always what they appear to be. Mystery and mayhem abound. Surprises prevail.

Costumes are welcomed, but not required and prize for the best will be awarded.

So if you love a mystery step out of reality and step into The Twilight Zone.


Saturday October 1st

The Twilight Zone continues with a series of presentations based on episodes of the Twilight Zone

(10 AM – 5 PM)

Cost $25 Included with your Weekend Pass.

Spirit Quest Saturday Line-up
10 am Haunted Dolls and Items – Steve Parsons & Ron Kolek
11 am Premonition – Maureen Wood
Noon Lunch
1 pm Strange Phenomenon – Steve Parsons
2 pm New England Hysteria – Roxie Zwicker
3 pm Ghost Busters and Today’s Paranormal Groups – Dylan Jones
4 pm UFO’s ? – Steve Parsons & Ron Kolek  

Steve Parsons (U.K. Parapsychologist, author, researcher, co-founder of Para.Science, part of T.V.’s Most Haunted and councilman of the S.P.R.) Many of the episode deal with mysterious aircraft incidents, Steve delves into real life ones.
For more info on Steve go to: Steve Parsons (

Roxie Zwicker (New England’s Scary God Mother, author and proprietor of New England Curiosities. Roxie will be speaking on New England Hysteria, where groups of people in New England history believed in bizarre events that have proved to be either scientific or just laughable in nature.
For more info on Roxie go to: New England Curiosities | New England Ghosts Tours

Maureen Wood (Author, trance medium and psychic medium). Premonition plays a part in several episode in the Twilight Zone, Maureen will delve into what and how it happens in real life.
For more info on Maureen go to: Home | Maureen Wood (


Speaker and topic are subject to change without notice

Saturday October 1st

Saturday night step back into the Twilight with a series of fun events based on shows from the Twilight Zone.

(6:30 PM – 11 PM)

Cost $60 includes Pizza (Included with your Weekend Pass).

The Jeopardy Room - You and your group are trapped in a room with an atomic device. You cannot escape because you cannot escape the blast zone. You must work together to disarm the device before the time counts down to zero and detonation.

Panormal Investigation

Ghost Trap - When we hear the word ghost trap our mind jumps to Ghost Busters the movie that made the ghost trap famous. However devices and methods to trap spirits, demons and other entities have been around for centuries. In this workshop we will learn about these early devices and methods and build our very own ghost trap.

Sunday October 2nd

The weekend concludes with two fun events…

Twilight with the Brits and the other Guy
(10 AM – 11:30 AM)
For weekend pass holders only

Join Steve Parsons, Dylan Jones and Ron Kolek for a light breakfast and some stimulating conversation.


The Mind Lab

(1 PM – 4 PM)

Cost: $39 (Included in your weekend pass)

Many episodes of the Twilight Zone deal with the power of the mind. The Mind Lab explores many of these fascinating powers through a series of hands-on experiments.

We typically think that psychics have "special" abilities. However all humans, including you, have the inborn capacity to do unusual “things”, but like all skills, practice is the key. This workshop takes you a journey into the realm of the psychic viewer and the ability to see across space and time and to “read” the energy in objects.

Through a series of simple exercises we will delve into various modalities such as ESP, remote viewing and photo scrying. By focusing our minds, we will attempt to connect to persons, places and things to gather information.

So if you are interested in exploring the power of your mind and want to have some fun at the same time join us in this special workshop.

Veasey Memorial Park
201 Washington Street • Groveland, MA 01834 USA

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