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Price: $150 per person


Spirit Guided Ghost Hunt

Lesley Marden and Ron Ronald Kolek will be conducting a special ghost hunting led by the spirit world . Lesley and Ron will be using specially designed tarot cards to connect with the spirits of the Veasey Estate. These spirits through the cards will lead us to locations within the estate where the spirits will make themselves known. For centuries, the gifted have used methods such as Tarot Cards to predict the future, or Ouija Boards to contact the deceased. Now, an incredible long-lost practice from the ancients has been resurrected into a unique set of cards, enabling you to interact with spirits in a way you’ve never experienced before. Will we succeed? Join us and find Out!


Gypsy Witch Card Workshop with Ron Kolek

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards are based on the divination system attributed to Mlle. Lenormand, the celebrated 18th century French mystic and fortuneteller. Mlle. Lenormand’s prophetic powers were known throughout Europe. She predicted the rise and fall of Napoleon with astounding accuracy. Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards were first introduced in 1903 and have been published continuously since. They remain one of the most widely recognized and popular fortune-telling decks in the U.S.A. Join Ron for this fun Workshop!


Telephone Calls to the Dead... With Jim Stonier

Enter this unique booth where you can talk to someone who has passed! Will they reply? Try it and Find Out!!!!


Psychic Art - Painting by the Hand of Spirit
Spiritual Surrealist Automatism with Lesley Marden

Surrealist Automatism is a method of producing art where the artist suppresses conscious control, allowing the unconscious mind to reveal itself. We will take this practice a step further with a guided meditation to collectively set our intention to invite spirit to guide our movements. Our goal in this fun workshop will be to free ourselves by quieting our minds and raising our vibrations, to connect with our higher selves and with spirit, and to create a painting for you to take home. All supplies will be provided.


And more to come!

Veasey Memorial Park
201 Washington Street • Groveland, MA 01834 USA

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