Ghost File: Mystery Hill

Do Ghosts Haunt Mystery Hill??

America's Stonehenge, located in Salem, NH, has always been an unusual place. Shrouded in mystery, little is known as to who built it or what happened there. A maze of stone walls and punctuated with chambers, it is one of the oldest megalith sites in North America (4,000 years old). This site includes a sacrificial alter, a working observatory, and an oracle chamber. But who built this site, why did they abandon it, and more importantly, why is The New England Ghost Project there?

Thanks to the generous hospitality of Dennis and Pat Stone, The Ghost Project was able to spend the night on the main site (the first ever to do this) But why? We believe the site is haunted by ancient spirits and we're here to find the truth. So what happened and what did we find? Besides our team, we were also accompanied by Darlene Medoza and Dennis Dellolacono of ATT 3 Chowdah, as well as Pat and Dennis Stone and Dawn, a long time employee of Mystery Hill. Our investigation was also aided by Brian "The Monk" and The Professor.

The long night included several treks into the woods, an extensive investigation of the site, and lots of waiting. The Chowdah team was plagued with equipment problems and drained batteries, but not us. We had taken precautions of a spiritual nature and as Gay related that this was the difference. We witnessed some strange temperature readings in the oracle chamber. With three people in the chamber, as well as the powerful camera lights, the temperature in the chamber plunged. This was also confirmed by the remote sensor at the base camp. Something was there.

While unloading the van, Dennis of the Chowdah team had a run in with what appeared to be a pair of red eyes watching him. There were other incidents with lights in the woods, the sound of what appeared to be tom toms, and hot coffee going cold too quickly. We were also able to get some unusual pictures. So is America's Stonehenge Haunted? Without further research I guess The Mystery of Mystery Hill will remain a Mystery..

Mystery HIll
The Oracle Chamber
Mystery HIll
An Infrared Shot Inside The Oracle Chamber
America's Stonhenge
A Blue Haze Or Mist Captured In Daylight

For more information on America's Stonehenge, visit our Links page.

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