Ghost File: Neets

The New England Ghost Project Travels To Derry, New Hampshire

The New England Ghost Project traveled to The Pinkerton Farm House in Derry, NH, now known as Neet's Restaurant. Owned by George Varrato Sr. and named after his muscially gifted wife Anita, it is a warm place to dine with country charm. But why is The Ghost Project there?

While at WNDS for a meeting, we heard talk about a ghost being there, so we decided to drop in and see what we could "dig up". After meeting with the owners to set up an appointment to do our investigation, things began to really "heat up" (as they ussually do when we get involved).

Shortly after we left, the bartender went into the basement to get some "spirits", but what she found was not the kind she went down there for. "She flew up the stairs quite upset", Vivian a long time employee of the restaurant told us. It seems while she was down there, she heard some beautiful singing or chanting. It sounded nice, but she soon realized that she was the only one there! Then came the real shock. As she turned around to leave, she saw a semi-transparent woman in a long white gown. That was just a little too much for her to bear and she zoomed up the stairs.

We returned some time later and interviewed the rest of the employees and the owners. It seems that this woman had been a regular visitor and had been seen by most of the staff. While conducting our investigation, we discovered a variety of "ghostly" pranks. They included silverware which had been rearranged, a bucket that flew accross the room and a book which had a mind of its' own. Although this was interesting, The Ghost Project wanted more, so we decided to return to complete our investigation.

Late one night, Leo Monfet of The Stateline Review (newspaper), Brian "The Monk", and Ron Kolek of The New England Ghost Project returned to Neets to do just that. We discovered the usual paranormal activity (cold spots, streamers that moved by themselves, and a strong electrostatic force in the basement), but we needed more proof. Brian, using his uncanny "sense", told Leo: "They're following you around". With that he grabbed his camera and quickly snapped some shots. "Got em", he exclaimed. Bewildered, Leo asked: "Why are they following me?" "That's easy", Brian the seasoned veteran answered shaking his head, "you're just a rookie and you haven't a clue what you're dealing with". So ended our night, but we did get some "Neet" shots!

A Hot Bed of Activity

The basement where the bartender saw the "woman spirit" proved to be a hot bed of activity. This is one of several "good" pictures which Brian took there.

An Angel on Your Shoulder?

I think not. This photo shows the paranormal activity around Leo that night.

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