Ghost File: The Phillip Knight House

Investigation Of The Phillip Knight House

The Phillip Knight House was built in 1692 by Phillip Knight Sr., who was an active participant in the Salem Witch Trials. His son Phillip Jr. married Rebecca Towne, the niece of one of the ill-fated witches of Salem Village. The house remained in the Knight family for 100 years. Today it is a bed and breakfast whose guests include those of a supernatural nature.

We interviewed the current owner and one of the former tenants. They told us of many unusual occurrences including a bed that shook violently, strange apparitions on the grounds, objects that moved by themselves, and a door bell which rang before the guests even arrived.

The 20's Room

The "20's Room" was once used as a Masonic Temple. Brian senses a presence and snap some shots off. While in the room a face is projected on the ceiling. Ethel also tells us that sometimes the name "Rose" is also projected.

A Little Girl

Brian "catches" the form of a little girl on infrared film. Is this "Rose" or one of the other spirits re portly haunting the house? Brian's tape recorder picks up some unusual sounds as well as some strange distortions.

Little Girl

A Ghostly Apparition

Brian scores several hits while there including this apparition by the stairs. Further investigation leaves us to believe that the house is also home to a ghostly sea captain. The entire results of our investigation as well as all the evidence which we collected can be seen in our show on the Phillip Knight House.

Ghost and Stairs

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