Ghost Files : Windham Restaurant

Food and "Spirits"

The sign over the door of the Windham Restaurant says “Food & Spirits” and they aren’t kidding! The Windham Restaurant is located in an old house built around 1812 by The Dinsmore Family. Isaac and then Horace Dinsmore occupied the house for many years, but more importantly who occupies it now?

The New England Ghost Project has done several investigations into the building once owned by the Dinsmore family (both when it was the Riviera and The Windham Restaurant). During our original investigation of The Riviera, we found several problems that they had with the ghosts. The blond waitresses seemed to be singled out by the spirits. They would have their hair played with by some unknown entity. “It” would also unclasp their jewelry (we were a witness to one such event.) While we conducting our investigation, one of the waitresses experienced a cold chill and then her necklace just fell off her neck for no apparent reason. She became hysterical and began to cry. This was not the first time it had happened and she was getting tired of it. However this wasn't the only game “it” liked to play.

Sometimes, when the staff came in early in the morning they would find that the chairs and place settings had been moved. There was also a bunch of empty boxes wrapped like Christmas gifts that were often moved. One time they were stacked like towers and another time they were stacked wall to wall across the stairs (in mid air) on the third floor. There was also the key to the third floor that disappeared only to show up jammed in a window frame.
Christmas Presents

The Christmas Presents - Was this the result of some spirited fun?

The Key

The Key -The Dopler Effect (disappearing objects).

This was interesting but had anybody seen the “ghosts”? The answer was an astounding “Yes”!. In addition to the staff, several customers also reported seeing the spirits. A little boy was seen in the second floor wait station, a girl was seen wandering around the restaurant, and “Jacob” was seen several times. This continued when the Riviera became The Windham Restaurant.

When Vess and Lula opened The Windham, strange things continued to happen. Expensive dishes flew off the rack inside the kitchen and shattered. Wine glasses in the bar sailed across the room and smashed on the floor. Windows which were closed were found opened and lights that were shut off were found on. Electrical problems plagued the restaurant. These spirits were getting costly. There was even a case where a shrimp disappeared from a plate, but I have my doubts about that one. Once again, “Jacob” or a man in a blue suit was seen by the staff as well as patrons. In fact, one time Lula saw what she thought was a man falling down the stairs, but when she ran to help him, he had disappeared. What did The Ghost Project find out?

Maureen, the NEGP’s psychic investigator had several run ins with the “spirits”. She discovered that the boy’s name is William and that Jacob died of a heart attack and possibly fell down the stairs. The most interesting pictures which we took, were those of the wait area on the second floor. One October while working with WNDS News, Leo Monfet the NEGP’s photographer captured a boy in one shot only to see him disappear in a streak of light in the next shot. Karen Mossey, the NEGP’s EVP specialist got several good EVP’s at The Windham, but the most notably one occurred when she was with Margo the reporter from the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, which state “get the camera”. Is The Windham Haunted? All evidence points to three or four spirits, but the investigation continues.


Ghost Photo
Face Coming Out Of The Wall -Infrared photo by Brian "the monk".

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